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Are you a cosmetician who offers hair removal in your studio?

We are convinced that, as a cosmetic institute, which is curious about sugaring, you would be highly satisfied with Planta Natural Resources Sugar Pastes.
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You wish to integrate sugaring into your range of services? Hair removal with sugar paste offers many advantages when compared to other methods of hair removal. Both you as a cosmetician and your customers will appreciate this technique. Sugar as a method of hair removal is much gentler than what you are used to and therefore requires a special type of application. We recommend a professional workshop for those who wish to use it professionaly.

... is particularly gentle on the skin due to its water solubility. Sugaring minimizes the discomfort of root epilation, irritation is kept to a minimum.
... is the only form of epilation medium in which the hair can be removed in its direction of growth, according to its natural angle of inclination. This prevents possible breaking and inversion of hair, and allows for an improvement of entire skin health.
... it enables thorough root epilation even with very short hairs (starting at a length of 1mm)
... is applicable everywhere, on every face and part of the body and offers HER and HIM a beautiful thorough solution.

Sugaring was already used during Cleopatra’s time as a method of hair removal. For many centuries its antibacterial properties have been recognized. Medically it is also seen as being a natural healing remedy for infections of the skin.

Planta Natural Resources Sugar Epilation Paste is made of 100 % natural ingredients.Through our years long manufacturing process we have created a consistence which is soft enough to infiltrate the pore openings to which it is applied, and at the same time hard enough to remove unwanted hair with an expert sweep in its natural growth direction.

The application of Planta Natural Resources Sugar Epilation Paste takes place in the hair growth direction (as opposed to other hair removal methods), in order to enter the pores so that the hair becomes soft,due to the water content of the paste, and can get as close to the root as possible.

Planta Natural Resources Sugar Epilation Paste offers a solution even with a hair length of 1 – 3mm.The removal of hair in the direction in which it grows - according to the natural angle of inclination – avoids breaking and minimizes the level of discomfort. The structure of the hair which re grows is refined when continuous treatment is undertaken.




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